These are our home{base}s.

Home{base} is versatile software that serves musicians and entrepreneurs alike. But bands and businesses have distinct needs and priorities, which their websites should reflect. That’s why we make different models to accommodate different operations, and we’re always building more.

The Polymath

kenan’s homebase, polymath theme live preview

The Polymath is our general-purpose default theme. It organizes the last few articles from each of your sites/blogs into distinct "forts," ordered by their importance (to you). It arranges your social media in a sidebar. It loves pretty pictures.

Recommended for: Artists, photojournalists, people who keep six different Tumblrs.

Features: "Forts:" separate sections for each of your sites, blogs, and services, containing the last handful of posts/articles from each. Extracts images (when possible) to represent articles visually. Fancy rollover menus. Follow/like buttons for your Twitter and Facebook profiles/pages. Social media sidebar. Set the number of posts/tweets/articles to include.

The Kineticist

Bat-Sheva Guez’s homebase, kineticist theme live preview

The Kineticist is a fully-featured portfolio site for video work. It synchs to one or more Vimeo accounts, organizing videos by "Album" and/or user, and creating a separate page for each. It can find videos uploaded by other users in which you've been tagged, and allows you to specify which albums to include or exclude, so you can be as professional or familiar as your public persona demands. Tweets, status updates, and any RSS feed articles are aggregated into a flyout news section, so there's no need to keep a company blog. We've made the contact form extra prominent and accessible on this theme, so whoever's picking up what you're putting down can start paying you for what you do, pronto.

Recommended for: Filmmakers, actors, performance artists, people whose cats are just empirically cuter than everyone else's cats.

Features: Automatic Vimeo embedding. Watch all videos on a given page without loading a new page. Unique links for each video and category, so you can send potential clients to watch something specific, in a specific context. Videos adjust their size and quality based on the device your visitor is using. Self-updating news page aggregates social media and blogs into a a clean, readable news feed. Prominent bio and contact form. Fanciness.

The Socialite

kenan’s homebase, socialite theme live preview

The Socialite takes a somewhat more egalitarian approach to your content. Rather than dividing and arranging it by its source, this model combines all your content streams into one chronologically-ordered ur-stream (we call it a "river," for reasons we hope are obvious). Photos, videos, blog posts, tweets, and status updates are all shaken together, and the most current content floats to the top.

Recommended for: World travelers, food bloggers, heiresses.

Features: The River: all your content from across the internet, organized chronologically in a single, eminently readable stream. Finds and displays Instagram and TwitPic images embedded in your Tweets. Prominent links to all your sites, with flyout descriptions.

More coming soon.

We're working on models specially tailored for musicians, photographers and more. Check back soon.